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Magnox Limited

Magnox Limited Limited has combined with Magnox Limited Limited and has taken on the responsibility for operating all the Magnox sites, under the name of 'Magnox Limited'.

A strong business case has been put together, supporting the need to join the two organisations together. We believe, that as Magnox Limited, the company will:

  • Help in safely delivering our current programme of work
  • Support the drive to reduce overhead costs, directing as much resource as we can to our core activities.
  • Align ourselves with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority's strategic objectives of managing Magnox fuels, managing waste, having the right level of capability to deliver our work programme, taking sites to early care and maintenance and maintaining the support and confidence of stakeholders.
  • Optimise the value we bring to the taxpayer.
  • Maximise the opportunities that doing things one way across the sites can bring.
  • Building on the excellent performance of each SLC and making sure that we retain and deploy the learning from the two companies.
  • Making sure we retain our core competencies particularly in areas of scarce skills.

Neil Baldwin, Managing Director of Magnox Limited, Said: "As separate companies both Magnox Limited and Magnox Limited have many achievements to be proud of. I look forward to continuing that tradition as we meet the challenges we have been set for the coming years".